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The Corporate Division at SWAT Environmental & Rapid Mold Removal have joined forces to become the Nation's largest radon mitigation and mold removal team. They have completed over 150,000 successful projects for radon reduction, mold removal, and indoor air decontamination. If you are unfamiliar with radon or mold, you should know that they are the two most toxic indoor air pollutants in the world. These growing epidemics have prompted to SWAT Environmental (America’s largest radon company) to join forces with Rapid Mold Removal to conquer both issues across the U.S.

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Radon gas is a highly radioactive gas that is emitted by the decay of uranium in the soil. A lot more people are requiring radon testing before they purchase real estate. The removal of radon gas can be done by tapping into the void space below the building and creating a vacuum (via a suction fan) to extract the radioactive vapors away from the dwelling. The radon mitigation systems expel the hazardous gas above the roofline of the home.

Dealing with a mold problem is a much different process. This involves isolating the affected area so the spores do not infiltrate the breathing areas of the home as the removal process takes place. Then, HEPA vacuum systems are used to extract the loose materials. The next step of the mold remediation process is to apply the anti-microbial agent which will kill the living spores and prevent them from breeding. The final stage of the process is to again use the HEPA vacuum to clean up the contained area and pick up any loose material that had been disturbed during the remediation treatment. 

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Mold Removal

It is important to have radon testing performed at least once every two years. By testing, you are able to have early detection of the problem before it can affect your health. Unlike radon (which is an invisible health hazard), you should keep an eye out for visible signs of mold. You can see the mold in your home which is an early indication that your indoor air quality may be compromised. When you find the mold in your home it is best to call SWAT Environmental to come out and assess and/or remove the substance. They use the latest abatement techniques to ensure complete remediation of the mold. The best place to keep mold away is to not have any moisture entering the dwelling. Most people can see mold growing on their bathroom ceiling due to the moisture in the room if not properly vented. This is one example of a moisture problem that is easily correctable by installing a vent van.

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A lot of people tend to neglect proper ventilation which makes it easier for the mold to grow. Attics and crawl spaces often have poor or inadequate ventilation which can allow mold to grow in unseen areas. Home inspectors often find these issues during real estate transactions. The professionals at SWAT Environmental will cure the mold problem and install the proper ventilation systems to ensure that the mold growth will not return. With this technique you should see instant and permanent remediation of the problem. If you and your family are concerned about health issues mold and radon can cause, contact SWAT or RMR for testing and abatement options. They are the industry leader in remediation and mitigation, so there is no better resource to have. There has never been a radon or mold problem that they couldn’t handle, so pick up the phone and give them a call today.

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