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We Test the Air in Your Home or Building for Toxic Substances

Is your home or workplace making you sick? Air testing can help reveal many important things about a given home or building including whether or not there are mold spores, radon, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, vermiculite and other potentially dangerous particles present. People often turn to air testing because they suspect they have problems with issues such as radon, mold spores or vermiculite in their own homes or a place of business. The use of air testing can also detect other problems that may exist in a space such as a gas leak, dust mite infestation, sick building syndrome, or volatile organic compounds. Testing indoor air is imperative if someone is going to fully combat a problem with radon, carbon monoxide or other particles that may get into a person's lungs and cause problems.

Test Building for ToxinsIt is important to make sure that any test or assessment of the air for the existence of gasses be done by skilled professionals who know how to conduct effective air testing and assess problems with radon, mold spores, volatile organic compounds or vermiculite in order to make sure that such problems are properly identified.

Air testing for mold spores, dust mites, radon, carbon monoxide and other gasses must be done under strict testing conditions. The home or business owner may need to work with a remediation specialist or contact a company that knows how to remove radon, mold spores, carbon monoxide and other potentially hazardous gasses as effectively as possible.

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Air testing can reveal problems that the owner may not have suspected when looking for another problem such as a gas leak, radon, “sick building syndrome,” or carbon monoxide. Particles such as mold spores can exist in the air and cause problems that may compromise the quality of the air inside the dwelling. These people should contact air testing specialists to helps determine if mold spores, radon or volatile organic compounds exist within the breathing zone of the home or commercial building.

Air testing can also help the home or business owner determine if gasses or dust mites exist in the space and pose a potential threat. Air testing can also help reveal what might need to be done in order to prevent problems such as mold spores and gasses re-entering the air supply.

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It is helpful for the owner of the building or house to test for these toxins periodically or have professional companies get involved on a regular basis. Working with a company who understands “sick building syndrome” can help a homeowner who is preparing to sell a property. They can tell any potential buyer that all possible problems with air quality in the space have been dealt with effectively and fully, allowing the shopper to buy the dwelling with confidence and move in right away. This can help give any particular seller the ability to have a leg up when they are selling a house or a place of business. The use of a company that can help clear out all potential problems can also help the seller mitigate any existing hazards and attract buyers or renters who are concerned about indoor air quality and overall health.

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